Auto Jealousy


  • Indica/Sativa: 75% Sativa
  • Days of flowering: 90 days
  • THC: 19%
  • Yield per Plant: 150g
  • Genetics: Gelato & Sunset Sherbert
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Auto Jealousy is a hybrid of Gelato and Sunset Sherbert. Both varieties originated from the famous Cookies family genetics. These strains gained popularity in the early 2010s. With their vibrant flavors and potent effects, they cemented their status as staples in the modern cannabis market.

Growth characteristics and yield

The feminized, autoflowering cannabis seeds can be grown indoors, outdoors and in a greenhouse. Even inexperienced growers can achieve high yields with Auto Jealousy. It takes 90 days from germination to harvest. During this time, it grows into a robust and stately plant, reaching a height of up to 110 cm. Its buds are deep green, dense and have many trichomes, which makes them ideal for extractions. A yield of 150g is possible when grown outdoors under good conditions.

Taste and effect

Thanks to the combination (Gelato #41 x Sunset Sherbert), we have a strain here that will leave you feeling tight. With a THC content of over 20%, you can expect an invigorating high that will immerse you in a happy, relaxed atmosphere. The seductive sweet flavors, combined with the light scent of spices, will make every stoner’s heart beat faster.

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