Auto Mallorca Tangi


  • Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis: 20% Indica/ 30% Sativa/ 50% Ruderalis
  • Days of flowering: 60 – 65 days
  • THC: <19%
  • Production mp.P.: 80gr.– 130gr.
  • Height: 0,8 – 1,5m
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A true Sativa! One of our most popular seeds, this strain is the perfect choice when you want to smoke but need the energy for a busy day. A strain known for its energetic high, great growth, and very strong fruity flavor. Another true powerhouse in our selection of seeds, this strain has extreme yield potential when grown correctly.

Growth characteristics and yield

Fast, tall, and thick, this auto has it all. Able to grow numerous thick colas if trained correctly. She grows very symmetrical leaves in addition to her fan leaves that grow very large so she can take up copious amounts of light, to grow as much as possible in her quick life cycle. One of our biggest producers creates long dense buds populating each inch of space available. She grows extremely well outdoors due to her strong Sativa genes helping her grow tall and her leaves growing in a fashion that in combination allows this plant to absorb as much sun as possible!

Taste and effect

The flower of this plant has a very typical smell of orange or tangerine and maintains this intense aroma in its flavor too. Walking into or near a grow of Auto Mallorca Tangi plants is sure to remind you of walking through a field of orange trees and smelling that fresh aroma of citrus fruit, and when you smoke it the flavor will be no less intense than the aroma it expels. The high is known to be extremely energetic and creatively boosting, a strain you should smoke to go biking, to the beach, or even to paint and make music!


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