Auto Mimosa Punch


  • Indica/Sativa: 70% Sativa
  • Days of flowering: 75 – 80 days
  • THC: ≈ 18%
  • Yield/plant: 60 – 110gr.
  • Genetics: Orange Punch & Lemon Haze
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Auto Mimosa Punch is a cross between the strain Clementine and the well known and spread Purple Punch. The result is an automatic hybrid with a very similar appearance to its Purple Punch parents, but with a milder sativa leaning effect. It surprises with great aroma and a euphoric effect.

Growth characteristics and yield

The flowering time of Auto Mimosa Punch is 63-70 days. The plant grows medium high and is easy to grow for both beginners and experts.  Auto Mimosa can be grown both indoors and virtually anywhere outdoors. In indoor and outdoor cultivation, this variety gives high yields. Her buds are compact and easy to harvest which is very pleasant when cutting at the end.

Taste and effect

The predominant flavors and aromas of this strain is a lemony berry mix. Auto Mimosa can be smoked very well throughout the day without falling into a coma. It definitely stimulates the creative and artistic parts of the brain and is therefore not a “stoned” or “knock out” strain.

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