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  • Auto Mango Tango = 2 Seeds
  • Auto Lumumba = 2 Seeds
  • Auto Blue Kush = 2 Seeds


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A legend among lovers of fruity terpenes and flavors! Auto Mango Tango is our auto version of the amazing “Somango Kush” bred to be just as tasty as the original while taking the key features of a sturdy auto!

Growth characteristics and yield

She is a beautiful plant that doesn’t grow too tall but shows dense, light green colored buds sometimes even with notes of pink and purple spread throughout. What she lacks in size she makes up for in beauty and flavor!

Taste and effect

Our “Auto Mango Tango” maintains the beautiful mango and fruit flavor and terpene that its feminized counterpart has. The high has been described as very elevating and energizing, it will leave you with a clear head making it a great strain for daytime smokers and medical use! It is also said to have a very strong body high relieving pain and stressed muscles!

The most characteristic feature is the unmistakable bittersweet dark chocolate flavor. This was achieved by crossing Cannalope with OG chocolate and another high-yielding auto variety.

Growth characteristics and yield

The plant can grow to a stately height of 1.50 m and develop many dark brown, firm buds.

Taste and effect

The smoke is mild and the effect intense. Lumumba is great for relaxation and a good stress reliever.

The Auto Blue Kush XXL is known for its strong indica high and extreme yields. This strain is a true allrounder! Its mild fruity flavour, tendency to grow beautifully dark almost blue-tinted leaves and its speedy growth make it a great choice for any grower, no matter if grown indoor or outdoor!

Growth characteristics and yield

The growth vigor this strain maintains shows in the quality and quantity of buds that it grows. This strain is truly jaw-dropping when grown in the right condition. Our Auto Blue Kush XXL is truly an easy-going plant and can even be easily grown by unexperienced growers, but if treated right, she is able to grow multiple truly gigantic colas, brandishing copious amounts of heavy, resin-covered buds. She shows off varied colors of deep green and in some cases, even some beautiful shades of dark blue will show on her leaves and bud.

Taste and effect

Auto Blue Kush XXL perfectly combines the pleasantly smooth and mildly spicy notes of the Kush side of the genetics with the sweet notes of fresh fruit of the Blueberry. The combination makes for a magnificently tasting strain!
The high is a true indica high, a strain also often used for its great effectiveness at relieving pain, she is able to completely lock you into your couch and make you feel like you’re truly floating.


A mix of some of our most elite auto-flowers, both in flavor and yield these genetics will excite any grower out there!

We have chosen the strains in this collection after meticulously testing and countless reviews in our shop and ended up choosing those that stand out the most either through the intense flavor, high yield, color, or all of these qualities.

Focusing on having the most sought-after qualities when it comes to autos this mix contains our extremely high-yielding and tasty “Auto Blue Kush”, our spectacularly uniquely flavored and colored “Auto Lumumba” and the legendarily fruity “Auto Mango Tango”.