Indica/Sativa: 80% Indica
Days of flowering: 60 – 65 days
THC: >24%
Yield m²: 500g – 600g
Genetics: Gelato & Orange Sunset

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Titiribí is a Cali cross between Gelato and Orange Sunset. Bred to combine the typical creamy gelato taste with citrus aromas, while still maintaining its dense buds and growth vigor!

Growth characteristics and yield

Titiribí shows a typical growth phase for an Indica strain and forms an extremely dense and even canopy due to its many side strands. A fast-growing phenotype with a short flowering time, but intense flavours making her a perfect plant for both commercial growth and connoisseurs. This plant is extremely stress-resistant and even forgives the grower for one or two mistakes. She grows a surprisingly thick main trunk so she can hold her characteristically dense and heavy buds. As you can clearly see in the product photos of an indoor grow, the plant forms numerous dense and nicely spherical buds, which makes the harvesting and trimming process much easier.

Taste and effect

A fruity, creamy, and delightfully sweet taste, which is accompanied by tropical citrus aromas. The high is said to be extremely relaxing, and will most likely have you melting into your couch as you giggle to your favorite show. Definitely a choice strain for a relaxed evening at home!

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