Auto Mango Tango


  • Indica/Sativa: 80%/20%
  • Days of Flowering: 60-65
  • THC: 19%
  • Yield per plant: 80-120g
  • Genetics: Somango & OG Kush
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A legend among lovers of fruity terpenes and flavors! Auto Mango Tango is our auto version of the amazing “Somango Kush” bred to be just as tasty as the original while taking the key features of a sturdy auto!

Growth characteristics and yield

She is a beautiful plant that doesn’t grow too tall but shows dense, light green colored buds sometimes even with notes of pink and purple spread throughout. What she lacks in size she makes up for in beauty and flavor!

Taste and effect

Our “Auto Mango Tango” maintains the beautiful mango and fruit flavor and terpene that its feminized counterpart has. The high has been described as very elevating and energizing, it will leave you with a clear head making it a great strain for daytime smokers and medical use! It is also said to have a very strong body high relieving pain and stressed muscles!

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1 Pack = 5 Seeds