Black Domina

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  • Indica/Sativa: 100% indica
  • Days of flowering: 55 – 65
  • THC: >22%
  • Yield m²: 500gr.– 600gr.
  • Height: 1,5 – 3m
  • Genetics: Afghanistan & Ortega + Northern Light & Hash Plant
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A strain so indica the high almost feels narcotic! A true mixing bowl of the best indica genetics of the last generations, the high of this strain is truly like no other! This plant creates massive sticky buds that will put even the most anxious person to sleep. A true goddess amongst indicas!

Growth characteristics and yield

Growing in true indica fashion our Black Domina grows loads of very broad leaves fit to take up all of the light it is given. It tends to grow in a bushy manner, growing thicker instead of high and creating many colas for sturdy colas to grow on. The resin-caked buds give off a strong spicy almost hash-like aroma in the grow-room. This strain is sure to impress any grower simply due to the sheer amount of trichomes filling up the surface of every single bud.

Taste and effect

Giving off a strong spicy aroma almost reminiscent of hashish, the smell of this plant is truly a thing that needs to be experienced. In contrast to its spicy aroma, the flavour of black domina tends to be perceived as a very natural tasting earthy and piney flavour. The high of this plant is said to be like no other indica in existence, a high that can truly put even the heaviest smokers to rest, the extreme body high of this plant is almost numbing, whilst the mental effects it can bring on include extreme relaxation and euphoria. An indica high so strong it is often medicinally used for insomnia patients.

1 review for Black Domina

  1. German

    Erwin Spranger

    Alle Samen sind durch gekommen und das als Anfänger. Super Geschmackk, kein kratzen und knallen tut es auch gut. Kann man nur empfehlen. 😉

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