Black Critical Zone


  • Indica/Sativa: 100% Indica
  • Days of flowering: 55 – 65 days
  • Production m²: 600g – 900g
  • THC: >21%
  • History: Black Domina & Critical
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Black Critical Zone is a cross between our strong Black Domina and the Critical, which is particularly popular in Spain. This plant is not only ideal for fans of a classic indicas, but is also often used due to its medicinal properties for pain relief or to promote sleep.

Growth characteristics and yield

Black Critical Zone grows compact, typically indica like, with a firm plant stem and many strong side shoots. The uniform height makes them particularly popular with indoor growers. Black Critical Zone is one of our most productive varieties. It produces vigorous and resin-rich flowers with a high density. In late bloom, the buds overlooked with rust-brown spikelets have a decent weight. Experienced growers report a yield of approx. 50g – 60g per plant.

Taste and effect

A cloud of heavy and spicy smoke is spreading around. It’s high time to throw the pets out of the room! The High of Black Critical Zone feels like you would expect from a good indica, but sometimes a little stronger …

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