Critical Zone 2.0


  • Indica/Sativa: 70% Indica
  • Days of flowering: 55 – 60 days
  • Production m²: 400g – 500g
  • THC: >19%
  • History: Afghan & Skunk #1
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Making this legendary Indica-leaning hybrid strain, the goal of the original breeders was to create a plant with a potent sedative high, that has a very quick growth phase and even in this short time still manages to produce high quality and quantity yields. An extremely popular strain in Spain and Italy.

Growth characteristics and yield 

This strain is renowned for its extremely fast growth, and high yield! She tends to grow long bright green leaves to take up as much light as possible, and heavy-headed colas with thick buds that may even need a bit of support to be able to hold their own weight! This strain is known to grow especially great in a bit warmer climates like Spain, but due to its extreme vigor and speed in growth, this strain can also safely be grown in colder places like Germany and the UK.

Taste and effect

Known for its subtlety in taste, this plant carries a lightly perceivable sweet and citrusy taste. Bred for perfection, even with the high yield and speedy growth, this plant still manages to achieve high percentages in cannabinoids and supplies a relaxing and sedative high, typical for a strong indica.

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