Indica Mix


  • Matador = 2 Seeds
  • Helado = 2 Seeds
  • Critical Zone 2.0 = 2 Seeds
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The purpose was to produce a particularly strong indica, and Matador was born. The high of this plant lives up to its name. Anyone who has tried Matador speaks of an unmistakable high.

Growth characteristics and yield

Matador tends to grow large, which can be controlled very well by correct topping. The plant produces many, very dense, resin-strewn flowers. The dream of every grower, uncomplicated cultivation and high yield.

Taste and effect

Matador has a very strong, even psychedelic effect that has often been compared to an LSD trip.

Helado is a product of very popular Californian genetics. The genetic material comes from the multiple premiered Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert.

Growth characteristics and yield

Helado can be grown both indoors and outdoors. In general, it is very easy to cultivate. Therefore, it is suitable for both beginners and professional growers. The plant is characterized by its high and bushy growth. Many side shoots emerge from their main trunk at short intervals, the uniform growth of which is characteristic. Helado reacts very positively to cropping and topping.

Taste and effect

Helado is known for its fruity aroma and sweet taste of berries. A genetics that relaxes the body and stimulates the mind at the same time. Don’t be intimidated by its high THC content.

Making this legendary Indica-leaning hybrid strain, the goal of the original breeders was to create a plant with a potent sedative high, that has a very quick growth phase and even in this short time still manages to produce high quality and quantity yields. An extremely popular strain in Spain and Italy.

Growth characteristics and yield

This strain is renowned for its extremely fast growth, and high yield! She tends to grow long bright green leaves to take up as much light as possible, and heavy-headed colas with thick buds that may even need a bit of support to be able to hold their own weight! This strain is known to grow especially great in a bit warmer climates like Spain, but due to its extreme vigor and speed in growth, this strain can also safely be grown in colder places like Germany and the UK.

Taste and effect

Known for its subtlety in taste, this plant carries a lightly perceivable sweet and citrusy taste. Bred for perfection, even with the high yield and speedy growth, this plant still manages to achieve high percentages in cannabinoids and supplies a relaxing and sedative high, typical for a strong indica.


A delicious mix of some of our most classic and heavy-hitting Indica strains!

This mix is sure to include something for every taste palate out there including our strains;

“Matador”, “Helado” and “Critical Zone 2.0” the flavors include Gassy Kush flavors, creamy sweet ice cream notes, and simple sweetness typical of the classical Spanish smoke. All of these strains bring their own unique features to the table and are sure to make any grower’s eyes bulge with their beautiful buds!